7 Evergreen Trees to Plant for Wildlife

best evergreen trees for wildlife

You can transform your backyard into a wildlife sanctuary by planting trees that are friendly to native animals. When planting trees in your garden, you should consider trees native to your area as they serve the needs of local animals better. Extensive research is required to ensure that the trees … Read more

Wildlife-Friendly Shrubs You Should Plant

wildlife friendly shrubs to plant

Native shrubs and trees are the best choices for wildlife, as they provide food to a variety of insects and birds. Their flowers appeal to bees and other pollinators. Woody shrubs also provide shelter and breeding places for wildlife. Insects such as butterflies use shrubs as natural windbreakers. Birds can … Read more

Ground Cover Plants That Are Great for Wildlife

ground cover plants for wildlife

You can plant native ground covers in your garden to provide habitat and food for wildlife. Many home gardeners are taking an interest in low-growing perennials due to the value they provide to local wildlife. These ground-covering plants do not need regular maintenance once they take hold in your garden. … Read more

The Fastest-Growing Ground Cover Plants You Can Grow!

fastest growing ground cover plant

You have many choices of ground cover to choose for your garden. Fast-growing ground cover plants are best for the parts of your landscape where nothing grows well. They are low maintenance and their aggressive growth is good for choking out weeds. Here’s a list of fast-growing ground cover plants: … Read more

How to Plant Wildflowers in Grass Without Tilling

wildflowers no till

You can plant wildflowers in an existing garden with grass cover. You do not have to extensively cultivate the land to plant wildflowers. Wildflowers are valuable to your garden ecosystem as they provide floral resources, and nesting sites and offer protection for hundreds of insect species. They are also great … Read more

How to Clean Up a Perennial Garden

How to Clean Up a Perennial Garden

Clean up of perennials can be done at any time. However, due to tough weather in the winter, it’s best to do it either in the fall or spring. You can clean up your perennial garden or food forest in a number of ways depending on the plants you have … Read more

How to Tame a Wild Garden

how to tame a wild garden

There are a variety of reasons why your garden grows out of control. Certain species can take over your lawn, with the overgrowth of weeds. If you neglect your garden for a while, you may find that some plants grow faster than you can maintain them. Further, you may have … Read more