9 In-Person Permaculture Courses: Become a Pro!

pdc course at wild abundance

Permaculture isn’t just a method; it’s a lifestyle, intricately weaving people with the rhythm of the land. If you’ve landed here, you’re probably searching for more than just digital insights. While online resources are abundant, there’s something special about hands-on learning, feeling the pulse of the earth, and connecting with … Read more

7 Permaculture Courses You Can Take Online

small Permaculture garden

Navigating the vast world of online courses and books can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to something as fast-evolving as permaculture. As an ecological design system, permaculture aims to build sustainable habitats in sync with nature. But how does one wade through the plethora of resources available to find … Read more

The 11 Best Books on Permaculture and Food Forestry

Reading book in Garden

In the rapidly changing world, the ancient practice of permaculture emerges as a solution to sustainable living. While experimenting with your garden  remains invaluable, books offer a bridge to the vast reservoir of knowledge and expertise cultivated over decades by seasoned practitioners. In curating this list of permaculture books, I … Read more

The 11 Best Tillers for your Garden in 2023!

Man tilling garden with powered tiller

Looking for a reliable tiller for your garden? There’s a lot to consider, but I’ve done the heavy research for you. Whether you have a small vegetable garden or an acre of raised garden beds to plow through, you’ll find the right tiller for you in this article. We’ve compiled … Read more

How To Turn a Field of Weeds Into Grass

a man mowing the green lawn

A yard full of weeds is unsuitable for growing healthy grass. Weeds are aggressive and invasive and will choke out any grass you plant. Most weeds are tough to eradicate and make your lawn ugly and undesirable. You can transform your overgrown yard into an attractive lush grass turf. Transforming … Read more

How To Use a Scuffle Hoe for Weeds

using scuffle hoe to weed close

Scuffle hoes are designed to remove weeds through a push-pull motion that cuts below the ground surface. It consists of a 5ft long handle and a blade shaped like a triangle, diamond, circle, or stirrup hoe that can take out more expansive areas of weeds with a single motion. How … Read more

How To Remove Weeds From a Pond Without Killing Fish

pond with weeds

Weeds in your pond can harm the fish and other aquatic animals by disrupting the balance between nutrients and oxygen. Weeds can develop in and around the pond; some are beneficial as they feed fish and filter water, while others are problematic. Three types of pond weeds are submerged, emergent, … Read more

How to get rid of hitchhiker weeds

Sandbur/ Blur-grass (Cenchrus)

Hitchhiker weeds stick to clothing and animal fur and are really difficult to remove. You might be unable to avoid spreading these weeds, but you can get rid of them from your garden or farm through the following ways: Uproot by hand If you observe any hitchhiker weeds appearing in … Read more

How to Make a Rock Garden without Plants

balanced colored rocks

Rock gardens are low maintenance and take on a new look each season. You can add unique features to make your garden attractive. Adding plants in the rock garden is optional. The design of a rock garden is subjective, and it is up to the gardener to decide what components … Read more

4 Ways to Get Rid of Weeds in Asian Jasmine that Work!

Asiatic jasmine. Trachelospermum asiaticum

Asian jasmine (Trachelospermum asiaticum) is a popular groundcover alternative to turf grass. It is an excellent option to plant on steep slopes that are difficult to mow or where grass will struggle to grow. Asian jasmine is low-maintenance and fast-growing, making it difficult to control weeds. You can apply different … Read more