9 Best Evergreen Ground Cover Plants for Your Garden

Japanese Spurge (Pachysandra terminalis)

Evergreen ground cover plants are low-growing and a good option to fill difficult garden spaces while adding to the beauty of your landscape. There are many choices of groundcover plants, depending on your region and the nature of your landscape. Most groundcover plants will need minimal maintenance, are effective for … Read more

How to Clean Up a Perennial Garden

How to Clean Up a Perennial Garden

Clean up of perennials can be done at any time. However, due to tough weather in the winter, it’s best to do it either in the fall or spring. You can clean up your perennial garden or food forest in a number of ways depending on the plants you have … Read more

How to Tame a Wild Garden

how to tame a wild garden

There are a variety of reasons why your garden grows out of control. Certain species can take over your lawn, with the overgrowth of weeds. If you neglect your garden for a while, you may find that some plants grow faster than you can maintain them. Further, you may have … Read more