The Main Benefits of a Food Forest


The benefits of a food forest stem from its 3 main characteristics: A food forest mainly grows perennials, fills all plant niches, and takes full advantage of vertical space.  Here are the main benefits of growing a food forest: Biodiversity and Resilience Food forests are diverse as they allow the … Read more

What Is a Food Forest? How It Works

food forest

A food forest is a garden plan that mimics the ecosystem and growth patterns of a natural forest as a means toward organic, sustainable and profitable food production. This can involve leveraging an existing forest to gradually integrate edible plants, and increase the biodiversity and sustainability of food production systems. … Read more

How to Grow a Profitable Food Forest

profitable food forest

Food forests have existed in the world for thousands of years, but have yet to be fully adopted as a profitable and effective farming model. This is mostly due to the fact that existing food forests are oriented towards long-term benefits, while mainstream farming practices are geared towards short-term profitability. … Read more

The Fastest-Growing Ground Cover Plants You Can Grow!

fastest growing ground cover plant

You have many choices of ground cover to choose for your garden. Fast-growing ground cover plants are best for the parts of your landscape where nothing grows well. They are low maintenance and their aggressive growth is good for choking out weeds. Here’s a list of fast-growing ground cover plants: … Read more