How To Turn a Field of Weeds Into Grass

a man mowing the green lawn

A yard full of weeds is unsuitable for growing healthy grass. Weeds are aggressive and invasive and will choke out any grass you plant. Most weeds are tough to eradicate and make your lawn ugly and undesirable. You can transform your overgrown yard into an attractive lush grass turf. Transforming … Read more

How To Use a Scuffle Hoe for Weeds

using scuffle hoe to weed close

Scuffle hoes are designed to remove weeds through a push-pull motion that cuts below the ground surface. It consists of a 5ft long handle and a blade shaped like a triangle, diamond, circle, or stirrup hoe that can take out more expansive areas of weeds with a single motion. How … Read more

How To Remove Weeds From a Pond Without Killing Fish

pond with weeds

Weeds in your pond can harm the fish and other aquatic animals by disrupting the balance between nutrients and oxygen. Weeds can develop in and around the pond; some are beneficial as they feed fish and filter water, while others are problematic. Three types of pond weeds are submerged, emergent, … Read more

How to get rid of hitchhiker weeds

Sandbur/ Blur-grass (Cenchrus)

Hitchhiker weeds stick to clothing and animal fur and are really difficult to remove. You might be unable to avoid spreading these weeds, but you can get rid of them from your garden or farm through the following ways: Uproot by hand If you observe any hitchhiker weeds appearing in … Read more

4 Ways to Get Rid of Weeds in Asian Jasmine that Work!

Asiatic jasmine. Trachelospermum asiaticum

Asian jasmine (Trachelospermum asiaticum) is a popular groundcover alternative to turf grass. It is an excellent option to plant on steep slopes that are difficult to mow or where grass will struggle to grow. Asian jasmine is low-maintenance and fast-growing, making it difficult to control weeds. You can apply different … Read more

How To Use a Tiller To Remove Weeds


There are many different techniques for weed removal, although not all are effective. Tilling is a cost-effective, easy, and fast method to control weeds. Using tillers saves you a substantial amount of time and labor. Tillers are designed to break up the soil and turn it over to get rid … Read more

How To Use Black Plastic To Kill Weeds

sheet mulching

Solarization or sheet mulching uses a plastic tarp over an area to heat up the soil and suppress weed growth. The plastic covering blocks access to water, therefore killing all vegetation underneath. The process also kills some plant pathogens and pests and makes the soil release nutrients stored in organic … Read more

Do This to Stop Weeds From Growing Under Your Bird Feeder

Goldfinch birds feeding on nyjer seeds in birdfeeder

When you set up bird feeders in your backyard, you face the risk of weeds growing under them. Birdseed that falls from the feeder will enable weed growth. Many commercial bird feeds contain a small percentage of seeds that birds find desirable. The rest comprises unfavored components, such as millet … Read more

How To Control Weeds Growing Under Pine Trees

Pine tree forest

Weeds are a problem when they grow under pine trees. Pine trees have shallow roots, which makes them more susceptible to competition from weeds. Further, the needle-like leaves create an acidic environment that does not support the growth of other plants. Weeds such as stinging nettles (Urtica dioica), couch grass … Read more

How To Get Rid of Weeds After Hydroseeding


Hydroseeding is a planting method where seeds, fertilizer, soil, moisture holders, mulch, and other stabilizers are sprayed into the ground at once. These elements are mixed in a tank and later pumped into the soil. One of the advantages of hydroseeding is that it helps prevent the spread of weeds. … Read more