How Much You Should Charge To Remove Weeds

Weed control is a crucial component of lawn care. Landscapers have two approaches to weed control: pre-emergence and post-emergence. Pre-emergence manages weeds before they sprout on the surface, and post-emergence kills already existing weeds. Weeds will be eradicated at different times depending on the method adopted by the landscaper. 

Cost of weed control

spraying herbicide to control weeds
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The charges for weed removal depend on the garden size, type of service, and products and method required. Here is a guide on pricing:

Garden size

The price for professional weed control depends on lawn size, the extent of the weed problem, and your geographic location. You will charge approximately $30-$165 per treatment for a one-quarter-acre lawn. If the garden is larger, you can charge $200 and above. A smaller yard will cost about $30-$60 per 1000 square feet. The complexity of the job also adds to the cost of service. 

In the UK, you may charge £30-£300 for 6*4 meter gardens, £50-£350 for 8*6 meter gardens, and £80-£800 for 12*8 meter gardens.

Type of service

The weed removal method also determines the overall cost of weeding. A standard fertilization treatment that includes herbicides costs around $30-$80 per application. For post-emergence weed control, you can charge the client about $65-$100 per application.

It is up to you to decide on the best specialized herbicides for weed removal that work best during the dry season. Advise the landowner to wait for atleast three days to mow the lawn after applying the herbicides. 

Pre-emergence weed control costs $70-$100 per treatment. This process catches weeds before they germinate. The application is made twice yearly, in early spring and early fall. If you are hired to pull out weeds, charge $30-$60 per hour. Uprooting is highly effective for weeds with deep taproots. 

In the UK, the gardeners charge on average £30-£50 per visit. This includes weeding, trimming, and mowing. More experienced professionals charge £200-£300 per day or £25-£30 per hour. 

Cost of labor

You can choose to charge on an hourly basis. You can charge up to $30-$50 per hour to remove weeds from the garden. The cost of chemicals, equipment, and other materials is added to the labor charge. You can also consider charging based on a combination of garden size and hours taken. 

In the UK, gardeners charge £15-£20 hourly for general cleaning and £90-£120 for trimming hedges. The labor costs depend on the time spent on the job. Weeding for 1-2 days will cost £160-£480. 

Products and methods used

You can choose to apply selective herbicides to target certain plants. Non-selective herbicides are more common, but their price and efficiency vary depending on the active ingredients.

You will need to evaluate the lawn and determine the best approach between the two. The non-selective application will be around $40-$165 per one-quarter acre, including labor costs. Selective herbicides will cost $75-$200 per quarter acre. If you are using chemical herbicides charge $30-$200 per quarter acre and $40-$165 for organic herbicides. 

Frequency of visits

Depending on the number of visits you pay to the garden, you can charge between $200 and $2000. Most landscaping companies offer different packages, including monthly, quarterly, and annual payment plans. A one-time visit costs around $200-$350, monthly visits $600-$1800, and bi-weekly visits from $1000-$2000. 

Some gardeners will charge a daily rate of £150 per day plus an additional £100 if they have a partner.

Compare with other companies

Different weed control companies offer various price ranges for weed removal. The price can range from $60 to $120. TruGreen charges $65-$100 per treatment, including labor, LawnDoctor $60-$100, and Weed Man $70-$120 per treatment. The location and size of the maintenance company determine the cost of maintenance in the UK. In the north, small and medium-sized companies charge £30 per hour, while in London, large companies charge £50 hourly. 

Lawn maintenance

You can offer lawn maintenance as part of the service package. Weed mats block sunlight from reaching the weeds while letting water through the soil underneath. They come in different sizes and can cost anywhere between $15 and $100 per mat, depending on the material (plastic or fabric). 

Weed abatement

State and county laws mandate lawns adhere to certain grass and weed height standards. If you violate these standards, you will pay for weed abatement. The rules focus mainly on areas prone to fire and attractive to wildlife, such as snakes and rats. The average charge for this service is around $70 to $120. 


Many people will hire professionals to help in landscaping. They lack the expertise or time to properly care for their lawns. You can use your professional knowledge and expertise to help them manage weeds and maintain their yards.. The cost of service varies depending on lawn size, labor required, materials needed, and maintenance work required.